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Valita tarjonnastamme tuotteen jonka uskot auttavan, tai valitse ”Tilannekartoitus” jossa tutkitaan tarkemmin ongelmanne ja esitetään teille sopivin menetelmän asian hoitamiseen. Tutustu palveluun ilmaisella kokeilulla. Lisää tietoa tästä…
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Mediumistic session - channeling messages

Mediumistic session - channeling messages
30 min €40.00


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Escorting lost souls towards the light

Escorting lost souls towards the light
30 min €40.00

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Balancing a Person's Internal Energies

Removal of energy blockages due to trauma
20 min €25.00

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Balancing Earth's Energy Disruptions

Earth acupuncture or energy treatment to bring balance to your home or workplace
20 min €25.00

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Assessment of your situation

This is a multifaceted service, where we discuss your issue and offer the best solutions for you.
45 min €55.00
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In exceptional cases, we may be able to visit a site that needs treatment, to remove blockages from Earth's energy streams. Contact us first, to assess the extra costs involved.

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