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Answers to life's challenges

Sometimes situations arise for which it is difficult to find solutions. Challenges can seem overwhelming and, for example, coping with everyday life or dealing with grief can easily make you feel lonely. However, the energies of the spiritual world and the earth are always with us. Their wisdom is always available. At Sapiri, we convey the message of the spiritual world and act as a vehicle for balancing energy disturbances.
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Traditional mediumistic session - conveying messages from the spirit world

In a traditional mediumistic session, we convey messages from the spirits of the deceased and the living. Messages can come from family members, relatives, friends, co-workers or even passing acquaintances. Pets and other animals are also conveyed by us. All messages are benevolent and often there is no lack of humour in the sessions either. The good spirit world decides from whom and which messages will be conveyed. Come to a quiet and enjoyable time to hear what they want to tell you! All topics are allowed, whether they are about yourself, your loved one or even work-related matters. 

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Escorting ghosts or lost souls towards the light

We may sometimes encounter inexplicable incidents that we cannot quite understand. It may feel like a deceased person is hanging around, sometimes it may even seem like a "haunting". Often, the experience may be frightening. However, the spiritual world is always close to us and there is nothing to fear. Sometimes, a soul or spirit is caught between the physical and spiritual worlds and needs help to continue its journey. We at SaPiRi, based on the information we are given, connect with this lost spirit, and ask the familiar energies of the spiritual world to help them move forward. If you have doubts about your strange experiences or inexplicable events, contact us and we will act as mediators and help all parties to be heard.

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Balancing a Person's Internal Energies

Trauma can occur in many different situations and have a significant impact on one's health and the course of one's life. At Sapiri, we, supported by the spirit world, help to ameliorate trauma-triggering mechanisms from the body's memory by studying and acknowledging the origins of trauma. The spirit world directs the channelling and, if necessary, the opening of energy blockages. Experience this warm and liberating lightness! (Nonetheless, our spirit-based treatment is not a substitute for serious medical or psychological treatment.)

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Balancing Earth's Energy Disruptions

The ground is excavated, dug up, and cleared in increasing proportions, base rock is exploded or blown up, and roads and buildings are built. Mines penetrate deep into the earth. All of this causes disruptions and blockages to the natural flow of energy and ground water in the earth. Your home or workplace may be situated over these disruptions, and be affected by such imbalances. At Sapiri, we treat these energy blockages with, for example, ground acupuncture, which can be done physically or energetically.

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Assessment of your situation

If you are not sure how which service would best suit your needs, you are welcome to book this service, where we examine your situation from various angles. Through discussion, we will surely find the right solution for you. This service includes escorting ghosts to and/or conveying a message from the spiritual world. Ground acupuncture can also be performed. In which case the customer would need to send the address of the site in question and, if possible, a floor plan, even a rough draft will suffice.

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Contact us or make an appointment

Contact us to experience the wisdom of the spiritual world together with us, experienced mediums, and learn what the spiritual world has to say to you. The opening of blocked energies may also affect those around you. You can also help a lost spirit find its journey onward by reserving a time, in order for us to escort it to the light. Whichever of the above services you choose, we always channel messages and energy with good intentions, and by listening to you. The spirit world works for your benefit, and it is gentle and safe.

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